The first EGO documentary

Private help to Ukraine

Shortly after the start of the war, liberal private individuals from the Western world organized the first aid deliveries to support the Ukrainian struggle for freedom. We went to Ukraine several times to document the ongoing private aid efforts and transport some goods ourselves. We want to find out what motivates volunteers and donors and in what areas private help can outperform Western government efforts. In addition, we speak to local Ukrainian freedom fighters.

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  • August 2022: Beginning of filming. First tour to Lviv and Kyiv, Felix accompanied experienced volunteer Andreas Jürgens and his van full of supplies.
  • September 2022: With Felix’s car stuffed full of winter equipment like warm clothes, Torben and Felix went to Ukraine. We filmed a lot during this trip, but we will be back.
  • January 2023: As a reaction to the winter cold and energy shortages caused by Russian shelling, Felix brought more aid to Ukraine.
  • October 2023: Felix and Torben went to Ukraine again to bring more equipment and do more filming.